FaceTime bug enables eavesdropping before it’s recorded

FaceTime bug enables eavesdropping before it’s recorded

Users have discovered a bug in Apples FaceTime. That app makes it possible for users to make video calls with each other, but now it turns out that if you call someone, you can hear that person even before that person has actually recorded.

According to the websites 9to5Mac and ArsTechnica, various users report this. We are aware of the problem, and have developed a fix that will be rolled out later this week with a software update, says Apple in a statement to ArsTechnica. So there seems to be a solution and it will be rolled out in the short term.

Group FaceTime

The bug doesn’t work very complicated and could be used by anyone, although Apple has disabled the functionality that made it possible. The steps include these:

  • Tap a contact in your iPhone and start a FaceTime call with them.
  • Swipe up and tap add person.
  • Instead of adding a new person, you need to enter your own number and add yourself to the conversation as an active participant.

Why it works isn’t entirely clear, but it has to do with the Group FaceTime feature. The site ArsTechnica tested the method and can confirm that it works. After someone has taken these steps, the person can listen to the audio of the receiver. This makes it possible to hear a user even before he or she has recorded.

It is a flaw in Apple’s software, which in recent years has positioned itself as a company that defends the privacy interests of users. However, the bug makes it possible to easily intrude on privacy, although it is not the case that people can be listened to extensively thanks to this bug.

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