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On December 2, Group-IB is streaming the tenth edition of CyberCrimeCon, its annual threat hunting and intelligence conference. More than 5,000 global cybersecurity professionals gather to share insights into recent cybercrime group movements and significant vulnerabilities.

At CyberCrimeCon, professionals from INTERPOL’s and Europol’s security branches, SentinelOne’s research division, Group-IB and other leading cybersecurity organizations will present keynotes on current threat types and security methods.

Discussing the world’s leading cybercrime trends, sharing threat data and learning from the approaches of fellow professionals are central to the event.

Anyone can join the unique keynotes and talks on December 2. Doing so is recommended for various IT professionals, from CISOs, CIOs, pentesters and researchers to threat hunters, DFIR specialists and SOC experts.

After a handful of keynotes from INTERPOL, Europol and Group-IB, the stream splits into two paths. Attendees choose between a schedule of talks on cybercrime groups and talks on espionage and large-scale vulnerabilities.

Trend report at CyberCrimeCon 2021

Organizer Group-IB will also present the latest edition of its annual ‘Hi-Tech Crime Trends’ report. The report promises to be a comprehensive source for information on the threats and criminals faced by different sectors. Furthermore, short- and long-term predictions about the security landscape set the tone.

How and when?

The stream starts at 10:00 on December 2 (GMT+2). Curious about the wealth of information that will be discussed at CyberCrimeCon? Sign up and join in.