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IT decision makers are increasingly considering outsourcing security. This is shown by Telindus’ survey of 294 IT decision-makers. Only 16% of organizations do not consider it necessary to outsource cyber security in order to keep up with the current digital transformation.

According to Joris Leupen, Managing Director at Telindus, the image corresponds to what the company has been observing with customers and partners for several years now. “We notice that organisations are no longer able to keep up with the increasing complexity and speed of security challenges. It is therefore logical that more and more organisations are considering outsourcing IT security.”

Outsourcing cyber security has several advantages, according to the study. 36 percent said they outsourced their security to an external service provider in order to be relieved of management worries. Other important reasons are the shortage of internal security specialists (33%) and access to knowledge in the event of an emergency (30%).

According to Telindus, these reasons can be explained by the increasing complexity of the digital landscape and the rapid pace at which developments follow one another. Organizations would therefore need a strategic sparring partner in the field of security.


Regulating cyber security has therefore no longer become a side issue, but a priority. “In the past, the greatest threat came from the competition and this could be taken into account. Now disruption and security have become the biggest bottlenecks and the threat comes from an unexpected source,” says Leupen.

However, IT decision-makers do have some fears when it comes to security. The top three are the loss of data (16 percent), damage to image (15 percent) and the loss of customers as a result of a security problem (11 percent).

However, 40 percent of respondents said they were not unsure about the reliability of security solutions. At this point, however, there is a big difference between various sectors. 50 percent of IT decision makers in healthcare are uncertain about the reliability of security solutions, compared to only 10 percent in the financial world.

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