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CrowdStrike and Cloudflare expand their relationship by integrating a zero-trust platform

CrowdStrike and Cloudflare announced an expansion into their existing relationship. The news is that CrowdStrike will be integrating its Falcon Zero Trust Assessment into Cloudflare zero-trust platform.

This integration has been pitched as providing customers robust and straightforward controls to guarantee that employees have safe application access wherever they work. Not only that, but this integration has also provided joint customers a chance to see both Cloudflare and CrowdStrike’s technology together and experience zero-trust security, which is claimed to be unmatched.

As the world sees a constant influx of remote work and businesses navigate their hybrid word transition, the security teams are shifting from a legacy security architecture to a more integrated zero-trust approach.

What this integration means

The problem this integration addresses is a real one: the need to adopt a zero-trust security posture.

Through this, customers of both CrowdStrike and Cloudflare will be able to secure application conditional access from an endpoint, irrelevant of their location. Cloudflare Secure Web Gateway and Cloudflare Zero Trust Network Access are now directly integrated with Falcon ZTA – the CrowdStrike’s real-time device posture assessment to reinforce joint customers’ zero-trust posture.

Their customers can now mitigate and identify threats via threat intelligence since CrowdStrike’s CrowdXDR Alliance is a part of Cloudflare. The partnership unites insights from a global network of Cloudflare than spans greater than 240 cities and blocks around 86 billion cyber threats every day.

This integration also offers increased log visibility. Customers can now correlate Cloudflare logs through CrowdStrike’s EDR telemetry to quickly detect and mitigate sophisticated threats.

Cloudflare’s chief technology officer John Graham-Cumming in a statement said;

“Every business needs to protect users and teams no matter where they are or how they’re working. Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform delivers comprehensive protection to organizations of all sizes. Now we’re making it even easier for joint customers of Cloudflare and CrowdStrike to benefit from new combined security features for the connect-from-anywhere economy.”