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Now Nvidia-certified, VAST Data brings AI solutions to even more data centers

Now Nvidia-certified, VAST Data brings AI solutions to even more data centers

VAST Data is one of the Nvidia Partner Network’s first members to achieve certification for high-performance storage solutions that serve AI workloads in the cloud. According to the company, this certification cements the leading role its data platform now plays in the world of Cloud Storage Providers (CSPs).

With the certification under its belt, VAST Data plans to provide many more data centers with its storage and data processing solutions, which led to its rise to fame in recent years. VAST Data’s platform is optimized for large-scale cloud infrastructures for the purpose of AI training and fine-tuning. Demand is so great that supply is almost impossible to come by, so the company expects to keep doing well in the near future.

Nvidia, supplier of the GPUs that run most AI models, recently shared a new reference architecture for cloud providers. According to the company, this architecture serves as a blueprint for building data centers optimized for generative AI and large language models (LLMs).

Saving time and cost

Participants in the NVIDIA Cloud Partner program who demonstrate the ability to set up their architecture according to this blueprint earn the certification. According to Nvidia, this setup reduces the time and cost of implementing AI solutions. At the same time, it ensures compatibility and interoperability between different hardware and software components.

According to VAST Data, the company’s solutions are suitable for AI models of all shapes and sizes, from small language models with less than ten billion parameters to the big players with more than a trillion parameters, multimodal or unimodal. Also, regarding specific workloads, the platform promises to facilitate all the tasks involved in AI training: think data entry, preprocessing, storage (and recovery), edge data management and end-to-end cataloguing for compliance requirements.

High availability

The company promises near-100 percent availability, advanced per-tenant data encryption, high scalability, and razor-sharp isolation of workloads, allowing CSPs to serve a large number of customers from a single cluster. This should lead to cost savings and efficiency, with key Day 2 operations (such as upgrades) able to be performed online.

VAST Data provides a platform for processing unstructured data for AI workloads. In less than five years, the company has achieved annual sales of over 200 million euros. The platform integrates with HPE GreenLake, its NAS platform was already certified for Nvidia DGX SuperPOD.

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