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ThoughtSpot has unveiled a new version of ThoughtSpot Cloud, called ThoughtSpot One. The software is supposed to be more user-friendly and should feel more like “consumer applications like Google, Twitter, and Spotify”.

An important improvement in ThoughtSpot One is the improved search function. The software already offered the possibility to type in searches queries in natural language instead of SQL queries or perform specific actions. With the new version, users can also search for answers, reports and dashboards. The results are ordered according to relevance for the specific user.

The software has also been made more social. Users now have their own feeds that show activities. Colleagues can then follow these feeds. Following colleagues has been put at the centre of the software. When new users go through the onboarding process, they are immediately asked which colleagues they want to follow, ZDNet writes.

With SpotIQ, users can now also keep track of KPIs. It also works on mobile devices, including notifications when KPI values exceed certain threshold values. The software is now available for trial.