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SAS has announced that it has reached an agreement with Boemska on an acquisition. Boemska specialises in low-code and no-code application development and workload management.

SAS has announced the acquisition in a press release. The company says it wants to use Boemska’s knowledge to improve the capabilities of SAS Viya. Boemska’s existing services will also remain in place.


Founded in 2010, British company Boemska offers an ESM platform that provides insight into workloads in the cloud and on-premise. In this way, bottlenecks and efficiency issues can be identified. The company also offers low-code and no-code capabilities to manage workflows.

SAS Viya

The latter possibilities in particular appeal to SAS. The company wants to integrate the possibilities of Boemska in its Viya software. This is a platform for the management of artificial intelligence, analyses and data. SAS also wants to use Boemska’s knowledge to move its software to the cloud, making it more portable.

It is not known how much SAS is paying for the acquisition of Boemska. SAS indicates that Boemska’s technology will be increasingly integrated into the Viya platform in the coming months.