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The company is using its proprietary GPT platform to “revolutionize” Field Service across multiple industries.

This week Salesforce launched a new feature offering that will bring revolutionary innovations to the Field Service sector, Venturebeat reports.

The new service offering leverages Salesforce’s Data Cloud and Einstein GPT, which the company touts as the world’ first “generative AI for CRM“. Salesforce says the new innovations aim to “help lower service costs, increase insights and enhance operational efficiencies across industries including healthcare, the public sector and manufacturing.”

GPT-powered Field Service operations

Einstein GPT has been integrated into Field Service Mobile to help service teams plan, execute and debrief their work quickly and efficiently.

“Einstein GPT’s capabilities for Field Service Mobile will drive increased productivity for field service teams”, Taksina Eammano, EVP and GM of Salesforce Field Service, told VentureBeat. “It will act as a ‘virtual apprentice’ by providing field service operators with real-time, relevant information to interact in a rich, hands-free way for workers on the go”.

The AI-powered tool will provide customers with the most relevant step-by-step guides to address common tech issues, and find tailored how-to content, such as how to reschedule a service appointment.

“It will better empower customers with a faster self-service experience. Customers can be guided through actionable knowledge of their issues, like ordering the right replacement part, without having to schedule an in-person support visit”, Eammano told VentureBeat.

Data Cloud-driven Asset Management

The Asset Service Management feature powered by Data Cloud uses real-time data and predictive usage-based maintenance to keep complex equipment running smoothly. This feature is especially beneficial for large-scale service organizations. Electricity providers are one example. By using the feature, it can enable them to proactively schedule network maintenance and reduce preventable issues while prolonging the lifespan of costly infrastructure.

Eammano assured Venturebeat that Salesforce took the subject of “responsible AI development” very seriously. “Moving forward, we will continue to take a trust-first approach to all of our efforts while identifying new ways to empower our customers with AI and real-time data capabilities that make them more productive in the field”, she said.