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Salesforce introduces new automation features for marketers and sales people

Salesforce introduces new automation features for marketers and sales people

Salesforce has unveiled new features that allow sales and marketers to use its services more productively. The two biggest additions will be available for Sales Cloud. In addition, the business-to-business marketing platform Pardot will be updated.

The first new tool for Sales Cloud is Work Queues. The tool uses machine learning to determine which leads should be prioritized based on the likelihood of them becoming paying customers. Users can then engage in conversation with these contacts using Sales Cadences, the other new feature. That’s what Silicon Angle reports.

Sales Cadences lets companies create a kind of visual blueprint for interacting with potential customers. A workflow is created in the tool, which can show recommendations for the time to call or e-mail. There are also tips on what an employee can say.

Among other things, the tools can be useful for new employees, who can easily use the guidelines. Salesforce also says that Sales Cadences can be useful for veterans in the field, who sometimes want to review best practices or make sure that they handle every interaction consistently.

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Pardot also gets a new tool, called Einstein Behavior Scoring. This tool offers ranking functions similar to Work Queues. This allows companies to prioritize leads based on interactions with campaigns. It looks at how each person responds to an email and material on the website, to determine how likely it is that they make a purchase.

Campaign Insights are also being rolled out. This feature uses collected data about interactions to provide information about how well a campaign is doing. The focus is on measuring the effectiveness of marketing content and email topics.

Salesforce CPQ

Finally, Salesforce CPQ is updated. With this update it will be possible to work with business models based on subscriptions. Companies can automatically renew payments, invoices and billing reports at pre-defined times.

A function will also become available that automatically places changes such as renewing a contract under a customer’s relevant account.

Most of these options will be available in October. The sales and marketing tools will be available in February.

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