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ServiceNow offers a growing number of specific workflow solutions for certain industries (verticals). The company recently announced tools for the telecom and financial sectors. The healthcare and life sciences sectors are scheduled for next year.

ServiceNow’s new tools focus primarily on managing services that companies deploy to help customers through workflows. Think of offering external technical support or supporting services to improve their own operations.

The services offered by ServiceNow are mainly aimed at sectors that ServiceNow considers essential. For example, the telecom sector, primarily due to the arrival of 5G and the financial sector. During the recent virtual Knowledge 2020 event, new solutions were announced for these two sectors in particular.

Telecom and financial sectors

ServiceNow is introducing two new solutions for the telecom sector. ServiceNow Telecommunications Service Management should help operators with better customer support. ServiceNow Telecommunications Network Performance Management should help telecom operators automatically resolve problems within their networks. In addition, the workflow specialist wants to enable operators to use Open APIs so they can more easily integrate ServiceNow tools into their daily work activities.

For the financial sector, ServiceNow is coming up with ServiceNow Financial Services Operations. This solution should help financial companies improve their ability to handle customer support requests. This product focuses on locating documents more easily and improving communication with other departments, among other things.

Future Industries

It’s not just the telecom and financial sectors that are in the spotlight when it comes to ServiceNow. Next year, the specialist also wants to add the healthcare and life sciences sectors. ServiceNow wants to provide services that automate service delivery for these sectors, among other things. These services will be developed in collaboration with KPMG.