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Zebra acquires Reflexis Systems for 575 million dollars (489 million euros). The goal of this acquisition is to gain more traction in four verticals; retail, food, hospitality and banking.

Zebra offers a wide range of solutions for the management and tracking of inventory, for supply chain efficiency and improving the total shopping experience. Zebra achieves this by using data and working with software designed for specific industries. Zebra is already active in the transportation and logistics, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Zebra is active in more than a hundred countries.

Zebra and the pandemic

The pandemic forced Zebra to make some changes to its business. The company is currently focussing on making sure colleagues can collaborate while working from home. The acquisition of Reflexis should help with this goal. The company is already a Zebra integration partner. Reflexis has a task manager suite for workforce scheduling. In addition, the company also offers a cloud and analytics tool and integrates AI for planning purposes.

The solutions of Reflexis will likely be integrated more deeply into Zebra’s Prescriptive Analytics, Workforce Connect and SmartCount applications. Reflexis had a revenue of 66 million dollars in 2019. Zebra had a revenue of 956 million dollars in the second quarter of 2020. The current pandemic will have a negative impact on their overall revenue. Zebra expects a 3 to 7 percent drop in revenue compared to the same period last year.