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HubSpot launches end-to-end sales hub to simplify CRM

HubSpot launches end-to-end sales hub to simplify CRM

HubSpot made a name for itself by aiding in the process to define the in-bound marketing concept. Now, they see a pandemic that’s changing the way companies sell, leading to more inside sales.

On Tuesday, the company held their Inbound annual conference, where they announced HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise.

HubSpot has been offering a CRM tool for the last five years and in that time, they have addressed ease-of-use for salespeople. The new tool is focused on bringing a new end-to-end approach that addresses not just the needs of salespeople but system admins and management.

A complete picture instead of a mosaic

Lou Orfanos, the GM and Veep of sales Hub at HubSpot says that this is about giving customers a more powerful set of tools while ensuring that users can run their sales process end-to-end in the same platform.

He says that the company is happy to have the ability to offer all this out of the box natively and allowing people to do everything that they need to, in one tool. This will give users a way to get all that they need without having to jumble together many different parts to get what they need.

Growing with HubSpot

The previous product was designed for small businesses, according to Chief Customer Officer Yamini Rangan, who worked at Dropbox, SAP and Workday previously. She said that the expectations of bigger enterprises have different needs.

With the Sales Hub Enterprise, the target is to cater specifically to bigger enterprises by bringing ease-of-use and powerful features to larger midmarket organizations.

She hopes that the people who start off with small companies, can grow and continue using HubSpot as their core platform. If HubSpot can catch these companies in their earlier stages, they would have a market base that’s loyal to the company.