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Salesforce Customer 360 Truth is now generally available

Salesforce Customer 360 Truth is now generally available

One year after Salesforce announced its Customer 360 Truth package, all of its components are now publicly available. This mainly concerns the 360 Audience service, which took a bit longer to be released.

With Customer 360 Audiences, administrators can build unified customer profiles based on personalized data, such as email addresses and first-party IDs. It also uses data that isn’t linked to specific users, such as website visitors and device IDs.


The service was announced at the end of last year as part of the Customer 360 Truth model, but unlike three other announced services, Audiences was not immediately available. Salesforce indicated that Audiences would become available in the first half of 2020, but this had apparently been delayed.

Customer 360 Truth

Customer 360 Truth is a set of tools that connects data from sales, service, marketing and commerce to create a single, universal Salesforce ID for each customer. All interactions and preferences are linked to that ID, so companies get a complete overview of their customers and can better predict their requirements.

Other Services

The other three services in Customer 360 Truth, already released last year, are:

  • Data manager: This allows businesses to connect customer data in Salesforce and other systems;
  • Identity: A centralized login for customers to access all of the company’s websites, e-commerce stores, mobile apps and mobile products;
  • Privacy: A tool that helps businesses to adhere to all privacy laws.