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Salesforce adds mobile workforce functionality to Field Service

Salesforce adds mobile workforce functionality to Field Service

Salesforce has added new functionality to its Field Service solution. The organization states that, in doing so, it allows mobile workers to perform more effectively.

According to Salesforce, the updates to its Field Service solution should enable companies to perform off-site on a larger scale, aid complex tasks and customize mobile workflows to make it easier for employees to work. Other functionality includes the self-scheduling of off-site work and the use of video for real-time consultation for troubleshooting.

Four new options

Salesforce added four new options for the aforementioned purposes. The Enhanced Scheduling and Optimization Engine option should allow companies to handle more complex work outside the door. Especially jobs that depend on different steps from different types of technicians. Such work can now be categorized as a “chain”, providing companies with an overview of the project step that employees are in, and manage accordingly. The engine tool runs on Hyperforce, a version of the Salesforce platform, allowing the various Salesforce 360 components to run in any major public cloud.

Salesforce states that the Lighting Web Components for Field Service component allows companies to easily extend the Salesforce Field Service mobile application with additional functionality and workflows. Work experience is a primary aim. In addition, Salesforce partners and system integrators can add more industry-specific solutions to the mobile application via Lighting Web Components for Field Service.

Other functionality

Other functionality includes Appointment Assistant Self-Service Scheduling. With this, companies and their employees can create, cancel, confirm and adjust their own appointments without waiting for others. Appointments made by customers are also automatically inserted into the schedule.

Furthermore, the Field Service solution now gets Visual Remote Assistant Two-Way Video. This video application enables agents to solve problems together with customers, as a sort of triage tool that responds automatically when a support ticket is created. Usage should allow companies to avoid sending employees to customers in vain. It also allows on-site employees to get support from second-line specialists.

The tools Enhanced Scheduling and Optimization and Lightning Web Components for Field Service are now available through a beta version and a pilot, respectively. Appointment Assistant Self-Service Scheduling and Visual Remote Assistant Two-Way Video are available immediately.