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San Diego, the name of the latest ServiceNow Platform release, is available starting today.

ServiceNow introduces Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools, a new dashboard, and multiple industry solutions.

RPA in Now Platform San Diego

First, the new platform includes an Automation Engine. The solution enables employees to automate manual operations and connects to both legacy and modern systems. The engine’s based on a combination of the existing Integration Hub and new RPA tools. “The very last ingredient for hyperautomation”, as described by a spokesperson.

Within the Automation Engine, you’ll find the RPA Hub. The hub serves as a central location for managing, monitoring and deploying robots. More than 1,300 ready-to-use components allow you to get started right away.

New dashboard: ‘Next Experience’

In addition, the central dashboard has a new name and layout: Next Experience. Application interfaces were smoothed out. Navigation was sped up with a new font, custom library and multiple illustrations.

The dashboard can be personalized. 25 new workspaces provide a base for different professional groups, including HR, device managers and dispatchers.

Industry solutions

Finally, Now Platform San Diego introduces multiple solutions for banks, insurance companies and service providers.

Deposit Operations for Banking helps bank employees by automating common requests concerning checking and savings accounts. Personal and Commercial Lines Servicing enables the customers of insurance companies to settle policies without human intervention. Service providers receive Technology Provider Service Management, an AI solution for self-service (operations) and support (service).