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With the money from the investment fund Entourage, the technology for automating text-based processes should develop further and reach more companies in Europe.

Tekst focuses mainly on large companies that want to start with AI concretely and quickly. The developed AI model converts unstructured text into usable data. The knowledge within a company can be mapped for proper analysis and routing of messages. With the technology, data can be retrieved from commonly used data systems such as SAP and Salesforce.

Previously, converting text to usable data was mainly a manual task. This could involve converting specific information from an e-mail to an ERP or CRM system. The AI model should change that by processing large volumes of e-mail. Tekst performs the work in the background, so employees do not need an additional tool.


The company was founded in 2022 and has since managed to attract the attention of large companies. The multinational Becton Dickinson, for example, is a customer of Tekst. Now, after being part of Entourage Studio for more than six months, it announced that it has closed an investment round of 700,000 euros. Behind investment fund Entourage is Pieterjan Bouten, the man who previously founded Showpad.

The money will benefit the further development of the technology. Tekst also wants to commercialize itself further throughout Europe, including the Netherlands. Bouten sees founders Tiebe and Wouter as hugely ambitious people who are driven by their goal of making AI work in complex business environments. His investment fund sees big potential for Tekst and believes it can grow into a global player.

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