Freshworks announces Freshsuccess

Freshworks announces Freshsuccess

On Refresh2019, Freshworks’ event, the company recently announced FreshSuccess. The new platform for Customer Success Management aims to improve the cooperation of teams in SMEs through the integration of multiple tools. In this way, users can optimally use data to grow as a small or medium-sized company.

Freshsuccess integrates sales and marketing data, as well as data from other support teams. The merging of data should save companies time and effort. All data collected by the platform is based on Customer Health Scores, scores that identify customers who eager (or not) to buy products from companies. In this way, potential new sales can be identified, as well as potential customers that companies may lose.

“Freshworks Freshsuccess gives us a more complete picture of the customer so we are able to proactively assist them in their own success. Ultimately, it allows us to improve customer outcomes, onboarding, adoption, time to value and health.” says Mark Fuller, head of customer success at Ideagen.

Multiple uses for company data

All customer data is stored in a Master Customer Record, where all information is combined. From this database, marketers can build case studies. The platform can also recognise successful and less successful strategies by analysing the data. In addition, customer service employees gain a better insight into how they can respond to requests for help. In addition, sales teams can find up-sell opportunities more quickly. Finally, there is also the function for financial teams to look at projections for the future.

Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO of Freshworks states: “Meaningful customer insight doesn’t end at market, sell and support. You need to engage continuously to get a customer for life. With Freshsuccess integration, businesses will be able to leverage actionable data across the entire suite of products — including Freshmarketer, Freshsales and Freshdesk — for predictive analytics, customer intelligence and workflow.”