A new patent from Microsoft shows a device with two screens. These screens are held with hinges and the whole is the size of a smartphone. The patent is mainly about the hinge, but shows that Microsoft is still interested in new forms for its hardware.

Very recently, there was the claim that Microsoft would work on a large two-screen device. Rumour has it that the Centaurus is a device with which Microsoft wants to compete with Chromebooks. There have also been rumours about a smaller foldable device called the Andromeda.

Separate functions

The latest addition to the rumors is this device. That has some interesting features. For example, there is a button that allows the user to easily open the screen. All you have to do is press the button and it will open automatically.

This is the user controllable lock that can be used to open the screen just enough to read a message on the edge of the screen. The patent mentions an appointment as an example. The user can then close the device or, if desired, open it further.

In the patent, of which you can see a figure below, you can read that the closed device is quite compact and easily fits in a trouser pocket.

Given the large number of patents that are applied for, but that are never used, it is possible that Microsoft will not do anything with them in the end either. It is, however, an interesting clue as to what the company might eventually be able to release. We know that Microsoft would like to release mobile hardware, including smartphones. At the time, the company stopped using these devices because they were not profitable enough, but an innovative form factor can help to make the company competitive again in that area.

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