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Huawei punishes employees for posting New Year’s greetings with iPhone

Huawei punishes employees for posting New Year’s greetings with iPhone

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is doing well when it comes to selling its devices. It is now the second largest manufacturer in the world, and by 2018 it was able to knock Apple out of that position. Now Huawei hopes to take over the number one position from Samsung, although it still has a long way to go.

In this struggle, Huawei considers one thing to be very important: that his employees use the right phone to place things on his social networks. This week a New Year’s greeting appeared on Huawei’s official Twitter account. A salient detail: that greeting was placed with an iPhone. The two employees held responsible for this have now been downgraded and have to pay part of their salary.

Not happy

Huawei is certainly not happy with the news about the mistake that was made. Internationally it was widely accepted that the company does not even use its own smartphone when placing messages on social media. Sites like 9to5mac post the news for example, although the Twitter message has been removed from Huaweis’ page.

The Chinese company itself blames the mistake on the company that hired it to provide its social media internationally. At the same time, it has severely punished two employees who are held internally responsible for this. In addition to the relegation, the two also have to hand in a hefty salary. According to Bloomberg News, this involves a salary cut of 5,000 yuan per month, which amounts to almost 640 euros per month.

One of them was the head of Huawei’s digital marketing team. The position of the other employee is not certain. The internal memo also shows that employees have now been instructed to supervise partners and suppliers more closely. This incident exposes the errors in our processes and our management.

Huawei did not want to respond further to the message from Bloomberg.

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