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In the latest edition of his ‘Power On’ newsletter, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman said that Apple is planning to bring Face ID to Mac. Gurman said in the newsletter that he believed Apple ultimately plans to make all of its products enabled by Face ID, including its low-end phones.

The journalist said that Touch ID remains very important in the iPhone maker’s product lineup (especially for low-end models) since it is a cheaper alternative to Face ID while providing the needed security.

Gurman said that he expects it to change in “a couple of years.”

What could be on the way

In the newsletter, Gurman said that he expected the change to happen within a couple of years. He expects that iPhones and iPads will transition to Face ID within the same timeframe. The endgame here, as he sees it, is to have a camera embedded in the screen.

The purpose of this would be to differentiate the high-end models by eliminating the notch at the top.

The facial recognition sensor avails two key features: augmented reality and security. Even though Touch ID may or may not be more convenient, Gurman said that it only provides security and not much else.

Gurman’s previous reports

The journalist had said that Apple was planning to release its 24-inch Mac with Face ID. However, implementation was delayed and will be featured in an upcoming iMac redesign instead.

Unlike iPads and iPhones, Mac laptops are thinner and would make it harder to fit depth sensors required for Face ID.

Gurman notes that further down the line, Apple will eventually embed the feature directly into the screen themselves, eliminating the notch on the iPhone entirely.