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With the M2 chip yet to be released, the M1 Ultra is a valuable addition to the Apple chip line that will do wonders for creative professionals

Contrary to the predictions, Apple did not announce its all-new M2 chip, but it did reveal the M1 Ultra — a new processing system.

According to Apple’s hardware engineering SVP John Ternus, the M1 Ultra is a ‘monster of a chip’ aimed at the professional looking for ‘extreme levels of performance.’

It was built by what is being described by Apple as UltraFusion architecture that connects twin chips across above 10k signals for a memory bandwidth of 2.5 Terabytes per second. This was essentially done to match the performance of an AMD or dual-CPU Intel without consuming as much power  

What does M1 Ultra brings to the table?

The M1 Ultra has 114 billion transistors, a 64-core GPU, 128 GB unified memory, and 20 cores (4 high-efficiency and 16 regulars).

To provide perspective on it all, the M1 Ultra’s performance and architecture is on par with the new AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5965WX and Intel Core i9-12900E processors. Furthermore, all other desktop components will keep up since Apple’s integrated component design scheme guarantees optimum performance through various components.

The M1 Ultra chip can also run around 18 synchronized 8K video streams that are greater than what is demanded by most resource-intensive video applications.

It also has Apple’s Secure Enclave technology specific for AES data encryption, a hardware-verified secure boot, and anti-exploitation programming to restrict unauthorized remote access to your system.

The M1 Ultra will genuinely strengthen the new Mac Studio modular desktop designed to provide creative professionals with a system that will keep up with the user’s artistic vision.