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Red Hat announced the release of Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 2, a cloud-native development workflow solution for developers. The new release of CodeReady Workspaces enables developers to create and build applications and services in an environment that resembles that of production. The solution runs on Red Hat OpenShift.

Organisations can use Kubernetes to create and deploy their applications and services. According to Red Hat, however, Kubernetes also adds new challenges to an already complex process. With CodeReady Workspaces, development teams can collaborate more efficiently by centralizing the configuration of development environments and working in replicable OpenShift containers.

CodeReady Workspaces 2 builds on the feedback of developers regarding the first release. The in-browser integrated development environment (IDE), one-click developer workspaces, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Active Directory (AD) and OpenAuth support will still be in the new version.

New Kubernetes tools and services

There are also some new tools and services. For example, CodeReady Workspaces makes it possible for dev teams to set up and work in Kubernetes by hosting configurations that define source code and build environment runtimes, as well as development tools. With the in-browser IDE, source code remains centrally hosted. This improves security without sacrificing speed. Furthermore, an administrative dashboard provides administrators that support developer teams with centralized management tools and dashboards. That way, they can monitor the performance of CodeReady Workspaces.

Brad Micklea, vice president of Developer Tools, Developer Programs, and Advocacy at Red Hat, says: “As more organisations are adopting Kubernetes, Red Hat is working to make developing in cloud native environments easier offering the features developers need without requiring deep container knowledge. Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 2 is well-suited for security-sensitive environments and those organizations that work with consultants and offshore development teams.”

The company announces that CodeReady Workspaces is included in Red Hat OpenShift, and that it will be available in the OpenShift OperatorHub in the coming weeks.