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DevOps automation specialist Puppet has launched a new tool for its flagship Puppet Enterprise and the open-source version Open Source Puppet. The CIS Compliance service ensures that companies’ IT infrastructure meets the latest requirements of the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

Puppet is a DevOps specialist with a specialisation in software-based configuration management tools. More specifically, this involves the automated configuration and management of infrastructure using code. This enables the optimisation of the infrastructure and applications throughout the entire software delivery pipeline, including the development process.


Security is one of the most important obstacles companies have to overcome during this process. Especially when it comes to guaranteeing that their IT infrastructure complies with the various regulations and standards, making sure that the various IT systems within the infrastructure are compliant takes a lot of time for administrators.

CIS compliance service

According to Puppet, compliance with the various laws and regulations is best handled by software. The recently launched CIS compliance service allows the IT infrastructure to meet the requirements set by the CIS for servers and other systems in a fully automated manner.

In this way, the service ensures that the infrastructure is both secure and that it can easily and quickly comply with audits. The CIS compliance service quickly discovers where systems do not meet the standards and then automatically aligns them with the CIS standards.


The CIS compliance service is now widely available to end-users of the business flagship Puppet Enterprise and end-users of the free open-source version Open Source Puppet.