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Thinkwise is introducing a guarantee scheme for the modernization of complex business applications. The Thinkwise Guarantee says it ensures that an organization’s outdated IT system will be replaced by modern business software within a year.

With the introduction of the Thinkwise Guarantee, the software company claims to be the first in the world to guarantee that the modernization of core IT systems via software will take place within a set time. In doing so, the software specialist aims to prove that there’s no reason for such IT projects not to be realized quickly, on time and within an agreed budget.


The guarantee scheme applies to the modernization of business-critical applications. Thinkwise uses its own low-code platform for this modernization process. If the organization does not succeed in completing the modernization process within the applicable period of twelve months, then the supplier will refund the license costs for the first year.

The Thinkwise Platform is a low-code platform for developing large core systems. Its knowledge of Cobol, RPG and Uniface, enables Thinkwise to, in its own words, modernize even the largest business-critical applications within a relatively short period of time.