Veeam and Lenovo team up to help secure workloads

Veeam and Lenovo team up to help secure workloads

With TruScale Backup with Veeam, they are realizing a “cloud-like experience on-premises” for securing enterprise workloads regardless of location.

Lenovo and Veeam have been working together for some time but will continue to support businesses with targeted services. To do this, they combine Lenovo ThinkSystem servers and storage and TruScale with Veeam’s Backup & Replication and ONE solutions. The combination should lead to data protection as a service via a hassle-free on-premises or colocation deployment. This reduces incident recovery time while maintaining data sovereignty.

“Businesses already have enough challenges when scaling their infrastructure quickly. TruScale Backup with Veeam brings them simplicity, not only in reducing IT complexity, but also helps ensure their data is protected and under their governance no matter where it is located,” said Veeam Chief Revenue Officer John Jester.

Components TruScale Backup with Veeam

TruScale Backup with Veeam was unveiled at the VeeamON user conference. It mainly focuses on protecting businesses’ critical data. In addition, when a cyber attack occurs, it promises secure data recovery. This does require companies to create multiple copies of backups, but Veeam indicates that this is possible without businesses incurring additional costs. Additionally, TruScale Backup with Veeam improves the reliability of backups through granular self-service virtual machines and file recovery.

Veeam plans to roll out its 3-2-1-1-0 strategy through its partnership with Lenovo. This strategy involves having three copies of data (3), with two different media types (2) and at least one external copy (1). The final components of this strategy include a copy that is offline, air-gapped or immutable (1) and no errors after automated backup testing (0). These last two steps position Veeam as a Veeam-unique approach within the general 3-2-1 strategy that the market is following.

During VeeamON, the Data Cloud Vault was also unveiled. You can read more about that new service by clicking here.