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BlackBerry has added a new Quantum-Resistant code signing server to its existing cryptography solutions. This makes it possible to digitally sign software using a program. As a result, it is difficult for a quantum computer to crack it.

Quantum computers work differently than current computers. A quantum computer uses properties of quantum mechanics to solve problems that even today’s supercomputers cannot handle. However, migrating to systems that are resistant to quantum computers is a long-term operation, because public key cryptography is widely used, according to BlackBerry.

“Quantum computing is going to solve major problems in various sectors, including healthcare, transport and government. But it also gives malicious parties the opportunity to more easily crack public cryptosystems and attack underlying data,” says Charles Eagan, Chief Technology Officer at BlackBerry.

“The Quantum-Resistant code signing server allows us to address a major security issue, especially for the sectors that depend on long-life systems. When a product, such as a car or an important part of an infrastructure, still has to function in ten or fifteen years’ time, the manufacturer has to worry about quantum computer attacks.”

Quantum-Resistant code signing server

The Quantum-Resistant code signing server uses cryptographic libraries from ISARA Corporation. It is the market leader in flexible volume security solutions.

The combination of BlackBerry and ISARA’s technology makes it possible to protect software in systems that run for long periods of time – for example systems in critical infrastructure, space electronics and telecommunications – against quantum computers, which in the future will increasingly be able to break into traditional code programs.

“Experts expect that in the next eight to ten years we will have a quantum computer capable of breaking the current public key cryptography. The work we do with BlackBerry gives industries with sustainable connected devices the tools they need to secure their systems now and in the future,” said Mike Brown, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of ISARA.

The new Quantum-Resistant solution will be available from November 2018.

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