Telindus will invest in the delivery of ITaaS services

Telindus will invest in the delivery of ITaaS services

Telindus wants to focus more on delivering IT as a Service services from public cloud environments. In doing so, it is responding to the trend of shifting IT services and platforms for businesses and organizations from on-premise own data centers to various public (multi)cloud environments, as it says.

According to its own research by autonomous specialist in smart and secure IT platforms, the trend towards delivering IT services and environments like tap water is important for companies and organisations to be able to offer new services faster and more easily. This in turn enables them to innovate faster.

The study also found that the shift from own data centres to public cloud services only increases the complexity of these services. End-users would therefore need a central strategic partner that relieves them of this increased complexity.

Responding to trend

Telindus obviously plays on this trend is and comes with the provision of IT as a Service (ITaaS) initially with the service Cloud Insight as a Service. With this cloud service, the autonomous specialist in smart and secure IT platforms ensures that the security governance of cloud environments is monitored at all times.

It also provides insight into the costs of cloud environments and makes them more cost-effective by identifying and exploiting opportunities for savings. Naturally, in consultation with the specialists of the clients.

Future services

In the near future, Telindus wants to offer even more of these As a Service services for cloud environments. For example, with the Multi-cloud Management as a Service, it aims to enable companies and organizations to manage the different cloud environments they purchase from multiple cloud providers and to make them available as a single, unified whole, thus relieving them of their worries. The customers in question will then be able to fully concentrate on their core business.

Relieve technical application management and IT worries

For the future, the specialist has the Technical Application Management as a Service department in the planning. This service should leave the responsibility for the technical application management and the necessary IT of companies and organisations entirely with Telindus. Customers are therefore only responsible for the functional management of the applications and the complexity is made invisible under the proverbial bonnet.

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