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SentinelOne and Netskope partner to protect hybrid work environments

SentinelOne and Netskope partner to protect hybrid work environments

No single security solution is comprehensive, as SentinelOne and Netskope are also keenly aware of. That is why they are integrating their XDR and SASE solutions to protect employees wherever they are.

Specifically, the collaboration means that a SentinelOne Singularity application will now be available to Netskope. This solution should provide “comprehensive and context-rich visibility” to cyber threats.

Protected wherever

The companies are honing in on hybrid work and the security challenges it presents. An XDR solution like SentinelOne’s Singularity platform can go a long way in this, but endpoints and clouds tend to require more attention with specific defense tools. With Security Acess Service Edge (SASE), security layers can be added for access to cloud services, without having to interact with a datacenter. In other words, there is as little friction as possible between the employee’s device and the cloud service to be accessed. Visibility, however, is important to keeping the management of this access secure.

“Visibility is key to keeping a distributed workforce secure. However, it can be difficult to reach the level needed to protect the ever-increasing number of remote workers,” said Akhil Kapoor, Vice President, Technology Partnerships at SentinelOne. “By partnering with Netskope, we are making it easy for our customers by providing a consolidated, detailed view of threat activity across the technology stack while providing in-depth insights that customers can use to strengthen their hunting and investigation capabilities and keep their people and information safe.”

Tapping into each other’s services

A key reason to integrate security tools is to have unified policies. In principle, you can use numerous solutions for each specific protection capability, but in doing so, maintaining uniformity is a major headache. This is another reason why it is desirable for parties such as SentinelOne and Netskope to bake integrations into their products.

Another advantage is that the information from one solution can also be useful to the detection and analysis tools of the other. “Netskope provides valuable insights into user and cloud activity and risks. SentinelOne allows XDR customers to correlate this information with other systems and act on it in an automated, intelligent and scalable way,” said Andy Horwitz, vice president of business development at Netskope.

The collaboration should increase the speed of response to cyber incidents. In any case, more visibility, context and risk mitigation is always desirable.

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