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Commvault Cloud unifies data protection, security and recovery

Commvault Cloud unifies data protection, security and recovery

The new Commvault Cloud should provide enterprises with a platform that enhances cyber resilience.

“Achieving enterprise-grade cyber resilience is more than building taller walls or deeper moats. It requires a new approach that looks holistically across the entire landscape, from best-in-class data protection and security to AI-powered data intelligence and lightning-fast recovery,” explained CEO Sanjay Mirchandani at the launch of Commvault Cloud.

Bringing solutions together

To increase cyber resilience, Commvault is now coming out with the Commvault Cloud. This platform brings together all of the company’s SaaS and software solutions. This should make visibility and management stronger. By unifying product offerings, Commvault hopes to make new strides in threat prediction, faster remediation and accelerated threat response. Companies can use Commvault Cloud to secure and recover data regardless of workload, infrastructure and location.

To this end, Commvault Cloud also builds on the efforts around Metallic, which will be included in the new product. Before the launch of Commvault Cloud, Metallic was the solution to handle backup tasks with a few simple actions. Commvault describes Metallic AI as the engine that powers Commvault Cloud.

Tip: Commvault’s Metallic adds new SaaS workloads and support

The new platform features AI copilot Arlie. This is capable of processing information and reports to advise users on which steps are best to take next. It uses OpenAI technology. The assistant should thus be able to provide real-time threat intelligence, identify problems and make recommendations on further strengthening cyber resilience.

Commvault Cloud is available through the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange.