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Zscaler has acquired Airgap Networks. The micro-segmentation technology is intended to complement its Zero Trust platform.

With the acquisition, the financial details of which were not disclosed, Zscaler gains a platform that companies can use to address potential data breaches and secure their business networks.

In particular, the micro-segmentation platform should prevent cybercriminals from performing such lateral moves. These moves often occur after hacking a publicly accessible server and then using the compromised device as a springboard to attack other assets within the same network.

Airgap Networks’ platform helps prevent such lateral movements. The system blocks data exchange between systems unless specifically authorized. Consider blocking marketing apps from communicating with financial databases.

Diagram dat een zero trust-beveiligingsmodel illustreert met z-connector en airgap, verbonden met iot-apparaten en apps, geïntegreerd met interne saa's en publieke cloud.

Ransomware killswitch

Making malicious inter-system data traffic impossible makes it harder for hackers to move within networks. In addition, according to Zscaler, microsegmentation technology also acts as a “killswitch” for ransomware attacks without disrupting normal work activities.

This would significantly help prevent ransomware attacks on IoT devices, OT systems and devices on which no agents can run.

Diagram van een zero trust-uitwisselingsnetwerk met z-connector en airgap-componenten, gekoppeld aan activabeheer, een l2/3-switch, andere systemen en apps.

Airgap Networks’ micro-segmentation technology works automatically, essentially replacing manual configurations. This saves companies time and money. To automate operations, the technology itself creates so-called micro-segmentation rules.

Furthermore, the technology has features such as a generative AI chatbot and ThreatGPT, which allow administrators to retrieve information about possible breaches easily. The platform also presents network data in graphs.

These additional features should also give companies more insight into east-west traffic with discovery, classification and device inventory functionality without deploying agents on endpoints.

Microsegmentation technology will eventually be integrated into the company’s own Zero Trust platform. The now-acquired technology will further enhance the Zero Trust Segmentation features already present in the platform.

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