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Darktrace combines AI with human investigation in MDR service

Darktrace combines AI with human investigation in MDR service

Darktrace’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service combines AI with 24×7 support from human security experts. Customer security teams can therefore focus more on strategic security work such as developing the right resilience against cyber attacks, is the idea.

According to security company Darktrace, this new managed solution primarily helps enterprise security teams strengthen their arsenal of combat and solution resources. More specifically, the managed service offers AI-supported capabilities for threat containment and alert management, among other things.

24×7 SOC support

In addition, Managed Detection & Response also provides 24×7 support from human experts to resolve issues. These experts conduct SOC investigations and take action on alerts issued by the Darktrace solution for the entire complete network, cloud and operational business environments, including endpoints and the SaaS applications in use.

Through this support, Darktrace’s SOC specialists monitor customer environments for high priority alerts that signal a possible attack. They investigate these alerts, notify customers of their potential impact and perform triage for the response the AI will automatically provide to these threats.

While fighting the potential incidents, SOC experts assess the measures the AI has implemented and then take proactive steps to prevent other potential threats. This could be extending measures taken or scaling them up further.

Buying time for more investigation

With these proactive actions, the Darktrace SOC team buys time for customers so that internal security staff can also take action and gather important context to execute the most effective countermeasures.

In addition to unlimited access to Darktrace’s SOC staff, this service also provides various reporting capabilities to further improve the quality and effectiveness of MDR measures. With this, the company aims to provide complete transparency to its customers.

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