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C3 launches Integrated Development Studio for rapid development of AI applications

C3 launches Integrated Development Studio for rapid development of AI applications

C3 launches the Integrated Development Studio. That is a low code platform that allows developers to build apps for the company’s AI Suite. With this, C3 wants to make it easier to roll out business models, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to multiple cloud services.

C3 is one of the forerunners in industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and allows large companies and industrial enterprises to roll it out successfully. The Integrated Development Studio, or IDS, is integrated with the C3 AI Suite. IDS makes it possible to process data, but also helps with machine learning engineering, model management and offers an interface that includes metadata and drag-and-drop interfaces.

Develop microservices faster

According to C3, IDS is designed to accelerate the development of cloud microservices. IDS does this by lumping together different cloud services and other tools. The development of applications for various cloud services is therefore much easier to understand, but can also be done more quickly. AWS RDS, Azure IoT Hub and the Google Cloud ML Engine are all supported by IDS.

According to Ed Abbo, the CTO of C3, IDS was developed to make the development experience easier. The system makes this a lot easier by simplifying and streamlining the data collection. Building AI apps to accelerate the digital transformation requires a number of roles that must go hand in hand. One of the most important elements in this is the collection of data, from both internal and external sources.

As soon as that part is in order, data scientists can develop models. IDS also offers the necessary DevOps functions. There, developers can test their code and eventually transfer it to the apps. We bring all these elements together in a unified way, Abbo explains.

Just like the other C3 software, this is a subscription service. Developers and data scientists sign up for IDS and once their apps have been published, there is a cost for the computers needed to run the apps. Subscriptions grow together with companies.

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