Samsung acquires service company TeleWord, planning for 5G

Samsung acquires service company TeleWord, planning for 5G

In order to accelerate the expansion of 5G in the United States, Samsung acquires network service provider TeleWorld Solutions. The tech giant announces this on its own site.

TeleWorld will immediately be classified as part of Samsung, but will still serve its own customers. Samsung has more to do to provide the extra services that it can now offer itself, as the executive vice president of Samsung, Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, announces.

“Obtaining TWS (TeleWorld Solutions) will enable us to meet the growing demand for an improved 4G and 5G network. In addition, it will ultimately be possible to create new opportunities to improve our services for customers. Samsung will continue to innovate in communications technology, while also delivering enhanced services that accelerate the rollout of a 5G network in the US”.

Logical step from Samsung

Where Samsung produces the necessary material for a 5G network, TeleWorld actually places, installs and tests such material. In addition, it also takes care of another important aspect in building a 5G network: obtaining space on roofs to place antennas there.

With the acquisition of TeleWorld, Samsung takes the first big step in the field of network business. At the end of 2019 it was already announced that Samsung would be working hard to tap into this growing market in the US and Japan.