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Deutsche Telekom and Nextcloud have announced a partnership to start their own cloud service. The service is to be a European counterpart to the American tech giants and fully comply with GDPR guidelines.

The two companies have announced their cooperation in a press release. All servers of the cloud service will be located in Germany, forcing the service to adhere to strict German privacy regulations. Moreover, the service is completely open-source.


The solution is based on Nextcloud Hub and offers, in addition to data storage, services such as online video editing, chatting, video conferencing and task and agenda management. The data is stored in Deutsche Telekom data centres and is accessible via web browsers or applications for desktop or mobile devices.

Nextcloud Hub is available immediately via Open Telekom Cloud from Deutsche Telekom. A German-language flyer is available on the Open Telekom Cloud website.

Clouds are dominated by U.S. companies

Most major cloud providers are based out of the U.S. Popular cloud providers are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud. All of them are based out of the U.S. The only alternative not from the U.S is Alibaba, which is Chinese. That Deutsche Telekom is launching their own cloud, can become a huge thing in the future, if companies are willing to switch to a European vendor.